Lee Kyle Bio

BBC comedy writer – Lee Kyle, spends his life on a never ending quest to never have a proper job. Former member of the all-male Spice Girls tribute act before spending a decade as a professional wrestler and then trying his hand at stand-up, Lee manages the difficult trick of being both unusual and relatable at the same time. Lee’s jokes veer between clever and silly but always deliver more than their fair share of belly laughs.

As a BBC writer lee has written for Radio 4 and appeared on BBC Radio’s Jesting About as well as 4 Extra’s ‘History of Geordie Comedy’ and wrote and starred in a sketch for ITV’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup and CBBC’s Wolfblood premiere.

He hosts the succesful ‘Which is the Best?’ podcast and has viral Youtube content with over 2.5 million views, on which most of the comments are from American’s telling him they can’t understand his accent!

“Quirky and original – the highlight of the night” – Giggle Beats

“Very funny” – Manchester Evening News

“Had everyone on their feet – Sublimely ridiculous.” – Northern Echo

“A brilliant performance.. Pure genius!” – NARC Magazine

“Subtle genius”- NE1 Magazine