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Liam Farrelly Bio

BBC Live at the Apollo star and Scottish Comedian of The Year – Liam Farrelly is a 21-year-old Scottish comedy prodigy from Paisley.

A meteoric rise through the ranks has seen him nominated for and winning a raft of awards, have a guest acting role on BBC Scotland’s Scot Squad (S4E2, 2018) and perform at the UK’s best and most prestigious comedy clubs —all barely a year after first setting foot on a stage

After having dipped his toes into the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a short set on a shared bill show in 2019, Liam’s plans to present his first hour-long show in 2020 were of course scuppered by the first-ever cancellation of the Fringe as a result of the global pandemic shutting down all live entertainment … but … by sheer luck with his timing, Liam had already established himself as a powerful live act, supporting artists such as Tom Stade and Larry Dean on tour, and being invited by Daniel Sloss to be part of his Work in Progress line-ups shortly before the lockdown.

Liam’s stand-up is story-based and his material is uniquely personal—you could say his unusual family have provided him with a goldmine, as his sister and an aunt are both nuns, he has a wheelchair bound parent with MS who has a wicked sense of self-deprecating humour, and other close relations are in various degrees of deterioration.

In 2021 BBC Scotland commissioned him to write and produce an episode of their Short Stuff.  Already a charismatic powerhouse on stage, Liam’s perfect timing and brilliant material is underpinned by a dry and understated delivery, flawlessly landing multiple punchlines with breathtaking ease.

Liam Farrelly is destined for great things.

So You Think You’re Funny? Runner Up 2018

Best Newcomer nominee Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 and 2020

Best Breakthrough Act nominee Scottish Comedy Awards 2020