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Matt Stellingwerf Bio

4x Winner of the New Zealand Comedy Guild Award – Matt Stellingwerf, is a fast rising star on the international comedy scene. Since breaking in as a Best Newcomer Nominee at the 2014 New Zealand International Comedy Festival he has since toured extensively, performing throughout NZ, Australia, the USA & the United Kingdom.

A trained criminologist and an award-winning bar fly, Matt Stellingwerf is a man of contradictions. He expertly brings these elements together on stage with his typical low-key style and confidence, finding the humour in topics as diverse as love, mental illness, sex, drugs, and this crazy interview he once conducted with a serial killer on Death Row!

Matt now brings a worldview inspired by alcoholic shearing gangs, bizarre Dutch relatives, and criminological theory to the stage and attempts to answer some of life’s enduring mysteries. So come along, grab a brew and have a laugh!

Raises the comedy bar…and erudite satire superstar” – Theatreview

“…an intellectual ‘Fonze’extremely laid back and relaxed with the audience, seamlessly having banter and keeping his cool Keeping Up With NZ

“Thor & Wendy had a baby…and it was raised by Stephen Fry & George Carlin!” – Random (but totally awesome and correct) Twitter User