Paul Pirie


Paul Pirie Bio

The sensational Robin Williams-esk – Paul Pirie – is a Scottish Comedian of The Year finalist that brings physical & theatrical energy as he delivers his sharp, rapid-fire comedy onslaught packed with highly entertaining material, blurring the line between real-life anecdotes and flights of fancy.

His hilarity and comedic ability has earned him huge popularity with comedy goers and bookers across the world, gigging as far abroad as Australia and for diverse audiences such as The Armed Forces. Pauls work is superbly individual and put simply, delivers a refreshing burst of laugh out loud comedy that leaves audiences in raptures.

A hilarious rubber faced clown – THE SCOTSMAN

Fizzing with energy and spewing out one-liners like he had just scoffed a dodgy prawn, Pirie is a man we will be seeing more of – DAILY RECORD

Impressive, offbeat one-liners to keep the gag rate high – CHORTLE